There are many architectural applications where standard strength glass is simply not practical, however you still want your glazing to include all the benefits of standard glass.

At Diamond Glass we can offer you those benefits and at the same time ensure that your glazing is up to 5 times stronger than standard glass of the same thickness. We achieve this by manufacturing toughened glass in our 'Toughening Plant'.

Toughened glass has many applications, Low level glazing, Shop fronts, Staircases, Areas of glass under thermal stress, glass roofs, office partitions, doors and many more. It is typically used in areas where the glass is more likely to be stressed on a daily basis or accidentally bumped.

Toughened glass is ideal where safety is always concern, it has a greater tolerance of repetitive load variations than ordinary glass before fracture occurs and is much less likely to break. If breakage occurs, the glass shatters into many hundreds of tiny pellets, which are very unlikely to cause any harm.