When it comes to glazing, safety and quality control are paramount. At Diamond Glass we take these two issues very seriously, we strive to ensure that any product that leaves our factory is manufactured to the highest quality. We are proud to conform to the following British & European standards (certificates available on request):

  • BS EN ISO 9001.2008 Quality Management Systems.
  • BS EN 1279-2:2002 Production of Insulated Glass Units
  • BS EN 1270-3:2002 Gas Retention in Double Glaze Units
  • BS EN 12150 & BS EN 12600:2002 Toughened Safety Glass
  • KM 525845 Safety Glass For Use In Buildings

We are constantly monitoring and improving our quality assurance systems to make sure they are up to date and functioning at an optimal level, but most importantly so that they conform to international standards and are approved by the relevant independent auditing authorities.