Energy Clear Glass

With today's growing concern for climate change and the ever increasing energy costs to the consumer, it is vitally important that we utilise the most energy efficient products on the market.

When it comes to glazing solutions for your home there is nothing that comes close to Energy Clear Glass, with its thermally insulating glass technology (SGGPlanitherm®Total) we are able to achieve the highest possible Window Energy Ratings.

We all like green, free energy and there is no supply larger or more readily available than that of the sun. The sun generates solar energy and Energy Clear Glass allows just the right amount of this energy (70-75%) to transfer through the glass to generate heat in your home. This optimum level ensures that your home does not overheat in the summer.

Once this heat energy has passed into your home, Energy Clear Glass has a specialist coating on the inside of the glass that prevents this energy from escaping by reflecting it back into the room ensuring that you save money by way of reduced central heating usage.

When it comes to thermal insulation Energy Clear Glass is three times more efficient than single glazing and over 25% more effective than old thermally insulating glass.